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        Not to toot my own horn, but beep beep! Since this blog kickstarted my entrance into Life in Action (LIA) magazine, I figured it only appropriate to throw up my first “Threads” column from LIA mag’s Sept/Oct launch. LIA is a bi-monthly magazine (and membership publication of United Spinal Association), so … Continue reading

WW: Wheelchair T’s.

  Graphic t’s…yeah, you know you have some. Many of us have some with bold images from Urban Outfitters or maybe even some with humorous anecdotes from our college Greek days. But this bigger question on this Wheelchair Wednesday (ta da!) is this: have you rocked a hilarious wheelchair graphic tee? No matter your answer, … Continue reading

Miss Me?

  Alright, grab that tissue and wipe away those tears because I’m backkkk. HW&SH back and ready to serve your fashion fix on wheels. I’m sure you’ve missed my fashion insight (I have!), but the wait is over. Thank goodness life has finally given me a chance to get back to my HW&SH antics. Long … Continue reading

WT: LeSportsac

We’re all carting around a ton of stuff as we wheel about, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be in a stylish tote, right? I struggle to find the right bag to handle the wear and tear of my wheeling life, but I’m definitely not into sacrificing an ounce of style in my pursuit of … Continue reading

WW: Spinnerz.

  Something you might not know about me…I love some wild and crazy bling, and I love some classic rap verses. Picture yourself all iced out with Jay-Z raps blasting and some classic DMX barking in the background mixed in with some 50 Cent chains and Lil’ Wayne grillz. Oh, and throw in a little … Continue reading

WW: TiLite.

You guessed it, Wheelchair Wednesday. What better way to roll on into Wednesday than with some kickass chairs. TiLite to be exact. My two chairs (one rigid and one folding) are both TiLite. Why this brand you ask? The shape, fit, and feel is oh-so-right and the frame keeps the weight of my chair down … Continue reading

WT: Go Pro.

So I know it’s Thursday and I totally missed WW (Wheelchair Wednesday), but I am seriously making up for it. Things have definitely been a bit crazy lately. WW will be WT (Wheelchair Thursday) for this week and this week only. I am inspired to take WT and give you a bit more of my … Continue reading

WW: Rick Rodgers.

As promised, Wheelchair Wednesday is kicking off with some eye candy. Hopefully this post brings to mind some fond memories of Right Said Fred or Zoolander impressions. But seriously, male modeling in a chair is pretty rockin if I do say so myself. Meet Rick Rodgers, 27, a vibrant and sharply dressed piece of the … Continue reading

hello my name is.

  Ok, so don’t freak out, there’s been a bit of a name change. Instead of Hot Wheels & High Heels, I’ve changed it up a bit to Hot Wheels & Spike Heels. Turns out there’s a playboy movie with my original byline, so I’ve opted for a bit of a name change. Just a … Continue reading

dashing doorknockers.

In the words of Marilyn Monroe, “It’s not true I had nothing on. I had the radio on.” Now I’m all about loving your body and blasting some beats, but when you take a spin outside, you may want to sport some duds. I’ll meet you somewhere in the middle and say you should at … Continue reading